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Specialist Serious Fraud Solicitors

Some of the most difficult and time consuming cases are those of serious fraud.

Fraud covers a wide variety of offences including mortgage fraud, VAT fraud, credit card fraud, share dealing and false accounting. This means that property investors and professionals such as surveyors, mortgage brokers, financial advisors, accountants and solicitors can be targeted in criminal proceedings.  Many of these individuals will never have been charged with a criminal offence before and it is vital to preserve their good name as well as helping them through what will be a highly complicated process often involving  thousands of pages of evidence.

We have specialised in serious fraud cases for a number of years, being called upon by high profile individuals to represent them from the investigation stage right up to their trial. We have done so not only in local courts but throughout the country, including The Old Bailey in London.



Very experienced staff with excellent results

We have had excellent results due to our very experienced staff and the very small but dedicated team of Barristers we instruct to assist. Anyone who watches the news regularly will be aware of cases and individuals we have represented on the national news but may not know that we were the legal team behind them.

One of our partners was the lead litigator on an investigation and prosecution by Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs which was described by the HMRC as “Cornwall’s largest ever fraud trial”.

The experience gained from dealing with cases like this is invaluable and cannot be underestimated.

If you have an ongoing fraud investigation either at the Police investigation stage or at Court please call us to discuss the way forward. In many cases we can secure funding for you and will provide you with a first class service, securing the most favourable outcome in your case.


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SFO Prosecutions • Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) • Bribery And Corruption
Property And Mortgage Fraud • Money Laundering • Taking Immediate Steps

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