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The fact that you have just accessed our website means that either you or someone you know is in need of the service of a good criminal lawyer.  Well you have come to the right place.

It could be that you have already been interviewed, been asked to attend for an interview or have been directed to go to court.  Whatever the reason we are well aware that being involved in the criminal justice system is a frightening and intimidating process.

Firstly, don’t panic you have been fortunate enough to access the website of the largest specialist criminal defence practice operating in Devon & Cornwall.  Criminal Law is all we do.

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As daunting as whatever it is you, a loved one or a friend is going through or is about to go through  you are guaranteed that we will have dealt with a similar situation for another person in the past. Our experience is invaluable to you and we pride ourselves on the professionalism and hard work that we give to every client and case we have no matter how serious or minor the problem is.

If you have a problem that requires our urgent attention or are happy with what you have read so far then please complete the contact sheet below/to the side and request a call back at a time convenient to you so that we can discuss why you need us.

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Don’t be concerned that initial contact is free and will not cost you any money at all and should help begin the process of putting you at rest.

Cox Burley Solicitors began practising in October 2007 and was started by Steven Cox and Paul Burley.

Within the short period that the firm has been practising, they have already established themselves as a market leader in the area of Criminal law, dealing with some of the highest-profile cases in the South West area.

With 8 duty solicitors we are in most courts, most days and regularly assist other firms with a wide range of agency work, inside and outside Devon & Cornwall.

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